Shelving & Storage

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Mastering the art of organization is especially important in your office. The last thing you need is a bunch of clutter to distract you from the task at hand. But with a few simple additions such as mounted shelves, bookcases, or hanging storage, you can achieve a zen workspace that inspires a great day’s work.

So how high should you be hanging your shelves? It all depends on the style, arrangement, and structure of your room. But you can usually follow the same rule of thumb as artwork; start at eye-level and adjust accordingly based on the shelf’s proximity to furniture or other wall features. Try to leave at least 10 inches in between the bottom of your shelf and the top of any kitchen counter, table or couch that’s positioned underneath.

But none of these rules are set it stone! For example, finding the right storage solutions for your bathroom or closet may require a little more creativity. The same goes for seasonal storage in your garage or shed; you might want to hang things a lot higher to make space for more frequently used items. Just make sure your favorite things are easiest to reach.